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Bleached Kraft
Bleached Kraft
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Bleached Kraft


Hadera’s range of MF Bleached Kraft papers is an environmentally durable alternative to plastic bags

and other plastic packaging, strength and stiffness guaranteed along with excellent printability. 

White uncoated packaging paper 

Used successfully in many applications of white packaging materials. 

Used as a base for converting processes like printing, coating and laminating.

Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) 

Environmental Certification  FSC and PEFC 

Acid free manufacturing process for archival properties 

Available in reels in customers specifications 

Available in a range of 50 to 160 gsm 

Typical Characteristics
Guaranteed Characteristics

Substance     50-60 gsm | 70 gsm | 80-170 gsm

Machine trim    504 cm | 506 cm | 510 cm

Minimum rolls Width - 24.5 cm

Rolls Diameter - optimal 125-130cm, minimum 100 cm, maximum 140 cm

Core 3”/4”/6”

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