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Bleached Kraft

Hadera Semi Chem


Hadera Semi Chem is our Flag paper

Hadera Semi Chem is an extra strong paper, with superb values, for corrugators and creation of elite packaging products. Despite the fact that it is 100% recycled, it is in great demand from our leading customers worldwide, thanks to its strength, visibility and stiffness – qualities that make it an equal competition to virgin fiber based paper.

Environmentally Friendly

100% RECYCLED packaging paper 

Available in various basis weights, to achieve different strength levels 
*  Minimum amount per order. Please contact us for further details.


Min 7%  |  Target: 8%  | Max: 9%

All our rolls are spliced, with maximum 2 splices and 2 bands

Core center 4"  | Diameter 140 cm


Paper for corrugations, used for industrial and agricultural purposes

Heavy duty Packaging

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